BRICS Integrated Developement Environment

BRIDE is an IDE for the development of MDE based edtiors for Robotics. It provides the basic framwork for meta-model definition and transformation within the Eclipse Platform using the BRICS Component Model. Currently, two component frameworks are supported: Orocos and ROS.


The BCM version of BRIDE provides the base framework for implementing other versions of BRIDE.

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The Orocos version provides a text based and graphical based edtior for the assembly of Orocos RTT applications. The IDE also supports deployment of the application. Basic code generation is also supported.

We are working on the next release. Stay tuned.


Allows for a clear separation of framework-independent and framework-specific code: Component interfaces and behaviors are modeled in an abstract representation. This representation can then be used to auto-generate source code for different middleware and programming language targets.